Saving an alert

You can create a simple alert:

1H Timeframe Price MOVE UP on +5%


Price crossing

But these are basic features that most applications or terminals have.

The uniqueness of Cryptovizor lies in the ability to create complex and personalized alerts that fully meet your requirements.

This feature allows you to set multiple parameters at once, for example:

1H Timeframe Volume USDT greather then 1M 

RSI14 on the 4h timeframe greater than 50

The logical link between parameters always has the AND value.

By minimal estimates, the functionality of Cryptovizor's cryptocurrency screener provides over 98,000 combinations of alerts.

After you've set the necessary conditions for the alert, select the frequency of triggering - once or every time

You can specify a comment for each alert.

When you click on the yellow button, the alert is saved as a draft.

You can save the alert and it will start working right away, or you can move created alert to draft.

You can check the created alert in the Single Alerts tab, clicking on the line will open the alert viewing window.

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