Volume Screener

Cryptocurrency indicators presented in the module depend on the parameter chosen by the user. The left block of the table has a switch for its display parameter - Volume & RSI.

"Volume" means the trading volume in USDT. We use the moving method of calculating the trading volume, which shows the value at the current moment, minus N periods ago, where "N" is the selected timeframe.

The difference between moving and candlestick (bar) trading volume is that the volume is not reset to zero when the candle closes.

What's the importance of trading volume?

Trading volume is a figure that shows the number of purchases and sales in USDT for a certain period of time.

Volume allows you to see the existing demand for the cryptocurrency and compare it to price movements. In sharp bursts of volume, one can observe either the rapid growth of the coin due to purchases, or a drop in its price, which indicates large sales. Thus, cryptocurrency is traded using USDT volume.

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