Creating a group signals

Creating a group signals

Clicking on the blue "+Add notification» button opens the settings window.

The first thing to do is to select the coins individually, or a watchlist right away.

Selected coins in the list are highlighted in blue.

Select the conditions of the alerts, they are the same as single alerts.

Select an alert duration of 30, 60 or 90 days.

If your subscription has expired, all your alerts will be suspended.

When an alert expires, it will be marked as inactive.

You will be able to repeat it, or make changes and create a new one from it.

Plotted on the chart

When creating a group notification, you can choose to display each notification on the chart. To do this, check the "Plotted on the chart" checkbox.

You can set the icon, size, color of the mark and its retention period: 30 days or forever.

Hide or delete nofitications from the chart

You can hide active price notifications bar and hide or remove signal marks on the chart simply by clicking the bell icon in the upper right corner of the chart window.

If you want to put your alert in the Marketplace, check "Public", then for >10 subscribers of your alert you will get +1 🟡 Token Influencer

If your alert has expired and other users have subscribed to it, the owner of the alert will change to System bot until the alert reaches 0 subscribers. Then it will be removed from the Marketplace.

Be sure to specify the name of the alert, and you can also fill out a description in which you can talk about the benefits of the alert, important nuances, etc.

The comment field is individual, i.e. each user can change it when subscribing to a public notification.

You can save the alert or move it to the draft by pressing the yellow button.

1 ⚪️ Token Creator or 🟡 1 Token Influencer, if available, will be used to create the alert.

If the "Public" mark is not set, then after saving the alert it will only be displayed in the Group tab.

Clicking on the alert will open a window with details, you can share your or someone else's alert, and the link will immediately embed your referral code.

With this feature, you can invite new users to the screener, even without creating your own alert, and get 10% in USDT from the first payment of each invitee.

Receive signals in Telegram

This is what the signal messages look like in Telegram

How to remove signals

To delete an alert, simply click the red button. Remember, if someone is subscribed to your alert, it will remain in the marketplace, even after you delete it from your group signals list.

Remember that if someone is subscribed to your signal, it will remain in the Marketplace, even after you remove it from your list of group signals.

Inactive alerts

When your alert expires, it will go into "Inactive" status. You can find the inactive tab in the Alerts - Group settings.

You can repeat the alert by clicking on the yellow circular arrow button. The create alert window opens, saving all the previous settings and allowing you to change the contents of any field in the alert.

You can renew your public alert subscription directly from the Marketplace by clicking on the yellow button with the round arrow.

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