RSI Screener

Switch in RSI position

When the Volume & RSI switch is in the "RSI" position, the columns with the corresponding timeframes show the values of this parameter. At that, the table cells are highlighted by a gradient of six shades, depending on the absolute value of RSI.

Bright red indicates the strongest downward movement, while bright green indicates the strongest upward price movement.

When calculating the RSI we use the standard value of 14 periods.

Cryptovizor is a cryptocurrency screener with charts. In each cell of the table next to the absolute value of Volume or RSI there is an icon, clicking on which allows you to open the chart of the corresponding timeframe.

You can navigate between timeframes using the computer keyboard arrows or the graphic buttons on the left and right of the chart, as well as from the toggle panel in the upper left corner.

You can move to the next or previous ticker using the keyboard arrows or the buttons at the top and bottom of the chart.

You can add standard indicators to the TradingView library, apply your own markup, and create alerts directly from the chart.

To create an alert, click on the plus sign next to the price scale. The alert creation window opens, where you can set the necessary parameters, select a timeframe, and send the alert to Telegram and/or your browser.

The graph window can be closed with the Esc key on the computer keyboard.

To stop the background data update in the screener, click the "Pause" button; click it again to resume the data update.

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