Running line

To enable the display of the ticker Running line, toggle the switch to the right side.

The ticker tape includes 3 customizable parameters. For each parameter, you can select one of the screener timeframes: 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 12h, 1d

All parameters correspond to data from the screener:

  • RSI - The absolute value of the Relative Strength Index indicator with 14 periods.

  • RSI Color - Bright red indicates a strong downward movement, while bright green indicates a strong upward price movement.

  • RSI change - The percentage change in the RSI value.

  • Volatility - The volatility factor.

  • MA Trend - The state of the trend according to the Moving Averages MA 50+200.

    • 🟢 - an upward trend, 🟡 - a neutral zone, a place of trend changes, 🔴 - a downward trend.

  • Volume - The trading volume in USDT.

  • Volume change - The percentage change in trading volume.

  • Price change - The percentage change in price.

  • Delta - The difference between buys and sells in USDT.

  • CD Week - Cumulative delta, the cumulative value of the delta for the week.

It is not necessary to use all three parameters of the ticker tape; to remove any of the parameters, click the cross.

Adding coins for tracking

You can add coins to the ticker tape individually, or select the entire watchlist at once from the dropdown menu.

Setting individual indicators

For each coin on the list, you can choose individual parameter settings.

Toggle the switch to configure indicators and select the desired parameters. Do not forget to save the settings by pressing the green button.

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