Volume change

Volume change is the percentage change in trading volume.

We use the moving method of calculating the trading volume, which shows the value at the current moment, minus N periods ago, where "N" is the selected timeframe.

The difference between moving and bar trading volume is that volume is not reset to zero when a candle closes.

If the 1D timeframe is selected, the Volume change filter and the maximum number of displayed elements in the heatmap is 10, then you will see the top 10 coins by the percentage of volume change per 1D (24H). In this case, the beginning of the period (Y) 1D will be the current moment (X) minus 24 hours (N)

Y = X - N

The color of the cell will depend on the value of Volume change (the percentage change in trading volume). If the volume changes down, the cell will be red, if it has increased, it will turn green.

And the brightness of the cell directly depends on the value of Volume (trading volume). Light green or red indicates the highest trading volume, while dark color indicates the lowest trading volume among the selected coins.

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