Token System

The Cryptovizor cryptocurrency screener provides a token system, which is used to work with the alert.

⚪️ Token Creator: Credited for subscribtion 3pcs. Automatically renewable, used to create and follow up other alerts

🟡 Token Influencer: Credited +1 for each one if your public alert reaches over 10 followers, can be used to create group alerts.

🟤 Token Follower: Credited for subscribtion 3pcs. Automatically renewable, used to follow public alerts.

Let's look at a few situations using a token:

  1. With an active PRO+ALERTS subscription, you initially have 6 tokens available: 3 Creator + 3 Follower. You can spend all 6 tokens to subscribe to 6 public alerts in the Marketplace.

  2. Or you can subscribe to 4 public alerts and create 2 group alerts, but not make them public.

  3. You can also publish 3 alerts and subscribe to 3 alerts in the Marketplace. When your public alert reaches >10 subscribers, you will be credited with +1 Token Influencer, which will allow you to create another alert, or subscribe to an alert from the Marketplace.

Note that 🟡 Token Influencer is non-renewable, so if you subscribed or created an alert with this token, and then deleted your alert or unsubscribed from someone else's, then 🟡 Token Influencer will not return to your account.

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